Clarification – There Seems to be Confusion about Glutathione and Immunocal

Glutathione: occurs naturally in the cells of the body; you already have it in you. supports a healthy immune system decreases rapidly as you age, resulting in a weakened immune system is necessary for the success of all antioxidants oral or infusion has very limited to no effect on the entire immune system Immunocal: is NOT a medicine is a U.S. patented dietary supplement (all natural 10 g protein) with … Read More

Date and Pecan Nuggets

I feel so much better and younger with the Immunocal, I just created the ultimate nugget, the gold standard in snacking. Bet you can’t eat just half of one. Take a look, they’re easy and quick to make. Date and Pecan Nuggets

My Cataracts with Immunocal – Going Away??

Right now I’m seeing better than a week ago. Maybe just maybe, we’ll see in a month. Here’s what we know. Immunocal for Health July 22, 2016 · How to prevent Cataract and blindness “Cataracts, a leading cause of blindness among adults 45 years of age and older, are a clouding of the eye’s lens. As a result, things look foggy or cloudy. Glutathione (GSH) is found in very high … Read More

Two Years and Counting

The 4th of July 2017 is the day I was diagnosed with IBD/UC. I’m down to the last 1-2% of the inflammation using steroids and anti-inflammatory drugs and Immunocal, but we just can’t get across the finish line. So we will swap out the steroids for a biologic med called Entyvio to see if we can finally get the job done. The Immunocal is essential since it builds strength and … Read More

One Month on Immunocal

Simply stated, although my UC is not cured after 31 days, I am experiencing significantly fewer symptoms. I have renewed strength and energy and a quick recovery from the occasional morning mini-flare. I am slowly reducing the steroids and other medications and supplements. I am trying to tell everyone about Immunocal, but some folks don’t like the price. What price do you put on your health. Some folks think I … Read More

Immunocal Results

Hard to believe. Just 2 weeks using Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum: my IBD/UC symptoms have reduced dramatically and my overall strength and stamina have improved 10 fold. If you suffer like I do, you owe it to yourself to try this supplement. BEWARE OF AMAZON SALES where they sell Immunocal 20% below cost which is very suspicious. For more information go to my website using this link – – Immunocal.

Plan Adjustments

Ok, after 8 months on the SCD with minimal flares and steroid medication to control inflammation (which has not reduced enough), the teams have decided to chart an altered course. While continuing to control the inflammation with biologics (new for me) I will begin a natural supplement called Immunocal, a unique and specially formulated natural protein that helps maintain the immune system with two additional components: CMP™ and RMF to … Read More

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