Plan Adjustments

Ok, after 8 months on the SCD with minimal flares and steroid medication to control inflammation (which has not reduced enough), the teams have decided to chart an altered course. While continuing to control the inflammation with biologics (new for me) I will begin a natural supplement called Immunocal, a unique and specially formulated natural protein that helps maintain the immune system with two additional components: CMP™ and RMF to … Read More

Limited Flares

I have had very few flares since I embarked on the SCD. Slowly working the way through the stages I’m now in early stage 4. There have been some issues with the rectum being irritated, but for the most part the stools continue to be soft to formed. Adding as much fiber as I can, especially nuts. Recent inflammation marker test showed a dramatic drop to 433.5 from over 1000 … Read More

Two and a Half Months

Since getting past the SCD intro stage, I’ve had no flares in 2 1/2 months and only found one food that was suspect –  green beans. Nutritional testing has maxed the wellness scale. Labs are perfect from the medical side. Thanks be to God for leading me down this path. Not out of the woods yet, further labs will confirm healing next month.

Finally the right diet!!

I struggled for 15 months to find the right diet for my UC. After considerable online research, excruciating pain and frustration, the SCD came onto focus. It was hard at first in the intro phase trying to curb the diarrhea and I needed help from the faith, medical and nutrition teams combined as I carefully sought and picked what worked and what did not. As of today I’m doing well … Read More

A long Summer into Fall

Following the family tragedy in Late June, the healing took a back seat and health got worse quickly. However, the corner has been turned and here’s what we are doing to heal. There are four concurrent paths to healing, up one from the original three: The new path, which was always there and is now formally recognized is the diet path. Strong Faith – manage the other three. Medical – … Read More

Calling Dr. Epitropolous

Today, with serious issues arising I met with Dr. E to assess adjustments to my supplements. Based on my description of my condition over the past few weeks, and calling on his 39 years of vast healing experience, he made some adjustments and added a ‘new the market’ supplement to control the diarrhea. We also reviewed my implementation of the SCD and he agreed it was the right course to … Read More

A Really Bad Week on Travel

Looking back to that tragic day in late June when we had an unexpected death in the family, it’s becoming clear I lost a lot of ground in my IBD recovery efforts. The general wisdom says that trauma created a lot of hidden stress which affected the IBD healing process. So the last two months have been a constant struggle. Foods that once worked were suspect and continuing attempts to … Read More

Changes Needed

I’ve taken the development of my diet to the next level beyond using the FODMAP. The Specific Carbohydrate Diet™ has helped many with various forms of bowel disease. In many cases people consider themselves cured. So it makes sense to use all available knowledge, ‘meshing’ the FODMAP lists with the SCD™ Legal/Illegal list. Beginning today I will be modifying or identifying each recipe at it meets the FODMAP and SCD™ restrictions. Working … Read More

Corny Discovery (updated)

Note: This discussion has been overcome by events – see SCD. The revelations continue as new foods are added and old one discarded. I believe my system’s reaction to certain foods evolves and not always for the better. The most reecnt example of this is with corn chips and corn tortillas. Until last week I was able to tolerate these food products, but on our trip I have discovered that … Read More

Foods to Eat

There is an abundance of recommendations when it comes to foods to eat to keep colitis from flaring up or calming down and everything in between. The one thing I’ve found that’s certain is it is an individual thing. That’s why the approach I’m taking may work for others. Simply stated, find a starting point of foods that I know work for me and then add a food and do ‘live’ … Read More

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