Preparing to Travel

The past week has been a series of minor up and downs. While there has been some flare-like activity, it has been short lived. Unpredictable is the issue. Something is still causing the undesirable effects. So, what to do to take an airplane ride for several hours when the fasten seat belt sign is lit?? I’m going to have a fast-like day with minimal food intake: buns and boiled egg … Read More

All Systems Go?

Just met with my ‘natural healing’ doctor and by his measure all systems are getting back to normal. That means the gut is healing as I follow his regimen of supplements. This is contrast to my recent laboratory results which indicate an extremely inflamed, small portion of the lower colon, i.e. ulcerative colitis is still hanging in there. What to do? First, continue the gut healing. Second, continue the anti-inflammatory … Read More

Hidden Triggers (updated}

Note: This is no longer applicable to my diet. Spent the week looking for triggers. Found a new snack – rice puff crackers which had none of my known triggers. So Thursday, planning on a late lunch, I had some of the new crackers. BOOM!! Friday afternoon, just the time for my triggers to be known, there it was. Something I ate ate me. Finally figured it out Saturday after … Read More

Bad Sunday Night

Sunday began great and just got better. A great breakfast with Madelyn’s Bacon and eggs and Vanishing Beer Buns. Then off to church with my bride. Back for lunch and we had Vietnamese Egg Rolls and Boiled Rice with Broccoli prepared with Vegetable Broth and all was well for several hours. Then a storm began and for the rest of the afternoon my system emptied itself out like a tornado. What just happened? … Read More

A Setback?

The stressful events of early July surely took a toll on my healing as was seen in my recent sigmoidoscopy. One would think I’d not been in any treatment since January, but of course that is not true. My diet has improved significantly and the daily results are proof of that. So, test wise, in the gut there is still inflammation, but externally my symptoms have improved greatly. What to … Read More

Humble Discovery

Symptoms persisted so I needed a diet FODMAP scrub. What was causing serious ‘flare like’ problems? Dr. Mike’s tests showed the gut healing well, but there’s a problem somewhere. Back to the FODMAP and check each food. Earlier I had found garlic and onion powder/flakes were causing problems, but what else is lurking in the hidden lines of the recipes? Nothing, nothing at all! But then an inspiration, prayerfully requested, right … Read More

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back – Garlic Free

Mid-June was a great time with healing seemingly on track. Then conditions began to deteriorate as the stress set in. But  i also became suspicious that maybe a food issue may be playing a role and triggering bad things. I undertook a review of all food we were consuming and compared them to the FODMAP which has become my aid-de-camp in the kitchen. Lo and behold, I think I found … Read More

Adding New Med

Returned from funeral and added new med from VA to stem the emerging proctitus. Consulting Dr. Wang for advice or meds.

Tragedy Hits

There is a theory relating IBD to stress and I got a good test of that theory beginning today. I’ve just finished my major meds and we are on the way, flying via SWA, to a funeral. My oldest son’s bride died suddenly and the funeral is Saturday. Got an extra supply of depends. Diet will be a challenge. Beginning to see signs of proctitius.

Homeopathic Plan Working

Appointment with Dr. Epitropoulos was great. His testing shows the gut is healing well. The colon is healing and the adrenals are coming back to full function. Still need several more months to get them all to strengthen.

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